With great power…

…comes great responsibility. Yes, in our current globalized society it is important as a business or professional to be aware of your strengths (powers) and weaknesses (responsibilities). Guguru Services will help you in this process.

Whether it is to tilt your business to the next level or by giving you the support you need at facing legal challenges. Guguru Services is up for the job. With its rich international experience in both legal as corporate management areas, Guguru Services is ready to give you the support you need.

So, don’t hesitate and contact us now for a free assessment without any obligations.

“To guide your business with the know how and support it needs, to take your business to the next level.”

Our expertise is based on almost 15 years of business experience. Furthermore we only work with the most talented, dynamic and social professionals in the game.

The customer is King, so we start with listening first. We don’t try to come up with our own solution and tell you what you have to do. But instead we try to think with you and come up with a solution together. You have to take ownership of the problem so that you can take ownership of the solution.

Our Skills

Interim management
Legal advisory
Start ups

A Happy Customer is an advertising Customer..